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Art kits tailored for at home learners

Arted4kiddos packs can be purchased in person at 26 N. Hawkeye Ave. Nora Springs, Iowa.  Store Hours Saturdays, 11-4!

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Our Mission:

We are your art education "fairy godmother".   We know how busy families are.  We are here to provide your young artist with everything they need to explore the wonderful world of art with complete art kits and a curated art curriculum that will take them from kindergarten to fifth grade.   


What you get with an arted4kiddos Creative Art Box: 

To explore all 11 art kits available, click on "Grab and Go Pack" in the menu bar above.

Recommendations from Arted4kiddos customers: 

  • Art Ed 4 Kiddos has the most fun student-friendly art activities for kids, whether you homeschool or not.  We homeschool, and I have children in each stage, which makes teaching art on my own a challenge. With Art Ed 4 Kiddos I love that my kids, even my five-year-old, can do their art activities with very little help or instruction from me. Doy's grab-and-go kits simplified and enriched our homeschool art lessons beautifully.  These grab-and-go kits are convenient. Some have QR codes to watch a video lesson (with fantastic art enrichment), and all of them have hardcopy instructions as well. There are different theme packs. The time I save by not having to gather supplies is priceless! The instruction videos can easily be played on a phone or tablet. My little kindergarten boy is loving the time he gets to create, and it's inspiring him to create even more during his free time. This is a mom-win, for sure!

    • Quincy​

  • These art kits are adaptable for a broad age range and variety of interest.  Because of the QR codes and easy to follow videos, my 11 year old students can do these projects on their own, a rare treat when so many kits are aimed at younger kids.  The directions are easy to follow, encouraging creativity, without sacrificing teaching about artistic concepts.

    • Shannon​

  • As a former classroom educator turned homeschool parent, I was drawn to the structured content-rich curriculum in Arted4kiddos. After trying just a couple lessons, I was sold! The projects are open-ended and foster creativity, while also providing necessary guidance to help kids (and grownups!) learn and practice techniques. Perfect for one-on-one lessons or group activities, I would choose Arted4kiddos again and again.

    • Jessica ​


Arted4kiddos is a great value
among the field of creative art boxes:

At Arted4kiddos, we know that money doesn't grow on trees. 


We have made every effort to make this product a great value for families.

To learn more about what make our "Grab and Go Packs" a great value, click the link below!

Art Supplies:  


I am currently creating gift packs with ALL materials included. Stay tuned! 


We Recommend you have on hand: 

Basic supplies like glue sticks, paint and paint brushes.  There is little sense in sending you supplies you already have on hand. Required supplies are listed in each "Grab and Go Pack"  section  

A device to scan QR code to access instruction.  I find I Pad works best, but a smartphone, kindle or computer will work too.


We Provide: 

Art materials that are specific to that project like precut paper, air dry clay, and wiggly eyes.  We want to make our product affordable but take time-consuming lesson prep off your hands. 



Things that could be helpful: 

  •  Links to free instructional videos 

  • How do I assess my child's learning in art?

  • How do I nurture creativity in my child? 

  •  How do I know what to teach my child in art?  What is developmentally appropriate?

  • How do I talk to my child about art? (looking at and interpreting art)

  • My child's art is a mess!   What are some strategies I can use to improve art quality without hurting their feelings?

  • About arted4kiddos 

Check out our Forum Page: 

Join the arted4kiddos community by posting your child's work and sharing your questions, frustrations, and wisdom with each other.



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