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  • What is on sale?
    Outer Space Place is currently $10 off for some great summer fun! (coupon code OuterSpaceFun) Order 2 arted4kiddos products and get your one with free shipping! (coupon code buy2oneshipsfree)
  • How do I know what art projects/packs are appropriate for my child?
    You probably noticed that I have put the packs in the order I feel they should be taught. However, if your child is older or if they are advanced artistically, some of the first groups of projects might seem “babyish” to them. This is a toughie! My best advice is to carefully consider what experiences your child has had thus far. What have they done with painting, drawing and sculpture, and how familiar are they with the elements of art and principles of design? The thing that makes arted4kiddos a great program is that learning experience is built on learning experience. For example, the skills they acquire while creating the alligator sculpture in the 2Dee 3Dee pack are built on to create the spaceship puppet in the “Outer Space Place” pack, and the skills they acquire to create the spaceship puppet are then built on to create the monumental sculpture in the “Art of Ideas'' pack. We have created a connected web of learning that leads to much deeper understanding and minimizes frustration. It is always better to keep frustration to a minimum. Although some of the projects might seem a bit simple, gifted art students will come up with more complex and elegant solutions to creative problems. I have fun making every single one of these projects, and I have been making art for over 55 years. To sum up, I would start as close to the beginning as you feel your child will tolerate. Here is how I would generally group the projects by grade: Ktg-2nd: Garden Friends & 2Dee 3Dee 1st-3rd: Owls and Octopus, Define Design, & Modern Masters 2nd-4th: Paint Like and Impressionist, Outer Space Place, & Native American Art 3rd-7th: American Artist Explorers & Ancient Civilizations 4th-7th: Art of Ideas I suggest looking through the menu of Grab and Go Packs with your child, reading the pack descriptions, and looking at the images to zero in on where would be a good place for your kiddo to start. I will warn you, children will tend to want to do the subject that appeals to them most. For example, the alligators are a huge hit with boys, but be careful about that. Remind them that all art is essentially fun to do, and that they will enjoy the projects more if they have the necessary skills to do them. If you would like to learn more about our approach to creating developmentally appropriate lessons, you might want to check out my blog, “How do I know what to teach my child in art? What is developmentally appropriate?" on this site
  • What are the must have art supplies for kids?
    I provide specific materials for each project in each pack excluding pencils, scissors, erasers, markers and colored pencils which you probably already have on hand. For ALL packs that have painting involved, I provide a mini muffin container and a plastic bag for mixing and storing paint. This is a great solution for #1 not wasting paint, and #2 not needing to clean up messy paint trays after each lesson. Simply throw the container away at the end of the unit. Easy peasy! All painting projects we do use tempera paints. I do not like acrylic paints for younger learners. They don't spread as easily on paper, and they are much easier to clean up particularly off bushes. A child can easily ruin a good paintbrush by forgetting to wash it immediately using acrylic paints. If you are not aware the craft paints available at most craft stores are acrylic paints. If choose not to order your paint through us, I strongly recommend Dick Blick as an art supplier for tempera paints. They sell Prang product which I LOVE! Even their washable paints have good color saturation and are generally mix true to color. (I am not affiliated with Dick Blick or Prang. I just think they run a good business). The paint I provide in our paint kits is Prang paint. For non washable paint, I put the paint in smaller bottles to save cost. Non washable paints are not available in smaller bottles anywhere that I could find. Dollar Tree offers Prang washable paints at a great price, but their inventory can be a little hit and miss (at least at our stores), you can order them but they require you to buy six at a time, when I most recently looked into it. Dick Blick also offers Prang washable paints at a fair price in 8 oz bottles. You can just buy one 8oz bottle of a color from them. Dick Blick washable tempera-Prang Dollar tree washable tempers-Prang I do not recommend the poster paint kits available at most discount stores. The small lidded pots are really hard for children to use without mixing of ruining their colors. I find a squirt bottle is SOOO much better. I like Target Mondo Llama paint brush set and washable watercolor sets. They are a great value! Dick Blick has a great value in tempera paint kits in larger quantities of you work with a larger group. (also sometime available on Amazon)
  • What is the best value in an art packs/ kits for kids?
    Well, arted4kiddos, of course. No, but really. We have created this program with affordability and value in mind. How is arted4kiddos a great value for your family: 1. The planning and prep work is done for you. Arted4kiddos is a complete art curriculum. The scope and sequence of lessons is planned for you. Each pack contains the specific art materials needed, instructional materials (including links using QR codes to video tutorials and instructional videos), and more! We are giving you the gift of time. Less time being a teacher and more time being a family. What could be a greater value than that! 2. We do not send you supplies you likely have on hand. That just makes sense. 3. We use very basic materials to keep prices down which we pass on to our customers. Budding artists do not need fancy schmancy art materials to make art that is fun and fantastic! 4. Each pack contains numerous art projects most of which take several sessions to complete. The # of projects/ activities per pack: Outer Space Place-7 individual projects Owls and Octopuses-10 Define Design & Paint Like an Impressionist-11 2Dee 3Dee, Garden Friends, Modern Masters & Ancient Civilizations-12 Native American Art-13 American Art/Explorers-14 Art of Ideas-18 projects *In "Store" you will find an image of all materials in each pack. Here is a sample. Also, each pack also has enough materials to make TWO of each project. It is always better to make art with others. Your kiddos can invite a friend or sibling to make art with them. Adults might enjoy jumping in too! In addition, some packs also contain “creative collaboration” projects that provide enough supplies for 4-6 learners to create a project together. And, extra materials are also packed for those little mistakes that are likely to occur from time to time. This is extremely important for our friends to take creative risks. It is hard for them to do that if they constantly need to worry about ruining or running out of supplies. 5. We are NOT subscription based. I talked to many families in the process of creating this site and found there was an incredible range in the time they spent per week with art instruction and creation. I have NO IDEA how we could possibly calibrate how fast your kiddos will move through this program. I trust you to know when you are ready to order the next pack. I spoke to several families that had used subscription based art instruction services. Many found they were not able to keep up with the pace of the work, and boxes of unused art kits started piling up. That doesn't seem like the best use of your financial resources. 6. This is a DIY operation. Everything on this site was created by me, Doy. I didn’t hire a professional film crew, editor, or designer. I have gotten advice and feedback from our local business mentorship program and my wonderful family. All the creation of this site, I did it all myself. Therefore, I have not spent a humongous amount of money to get this up and running. Once again, I am able to pass those savings onto my customers.
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