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I want you to feel like I am here for both you and your kiddos.

As parents we all make thousands of parenting decisions a day.  With these posts,  I hope that my expertise will help you to better navigate the pitfalls that dealing with art can present.  I know what I know, because I made mistakes...many ...many mistakes.   Hopefully I learned from them and some of what I know I can pass on to you and yours.


Free Projects: Not my favorites, but decent solid projects your kiddo might enjoy.

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

1. FREE PROJECT: Aboriginal Fish Design

Create your own design inspired by Aboriginal Art from Australia. Use lines and patterns to create a unique work of art.

I recommend this project for 4th graders or older. It is a fun and easy way to explore the Aboriginal art of Australia. Other projects I have found, emphasize the dots of paint. I found that was too tedious for most students. I placed the emphasis on creating pattern and using the picture space effectively. Fish are an easy subject for younger learners, because the shapes are very simple.

A real Aboriginal Bark Painting. See how they use color and pattern...I love the lizard! You could certainly draw a kangaroo or a lizard instead of a fish if you like!


2. FREE PROJECT: Undersea Scenes

First draw out your fish using careful observation. Think about overlapping shapes to better use your picture space. Go over your lines with Permanent marker or black colored pencil.

Add color using crayon. Try to blend colors by gently layering one color over another. This is good practice for shading.

When you have finished coloring in your design, mix some blue or black tempera paint with water (1 part paint to 2 parts water works pretty well. I would test the paint on a scrap of paper to make sure it is not too thick or too thin). Quickly brush the watery paint over your image and remove the extra paint with a paper towel.


3. FREE PROJECTS: Big Little Giants

Use close and far to create a CRAZY DRAWING!

Combine something that is usually smallish....

With a background and some fun details...

To create a unique work of art

I recommend this drawing project for kiddos 3rd grade or older.

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